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Special Offer

"Nothing less than a whole Bible can make a whole Christian." A.W. Tozer


Upon satisfactory completion and signing of an agreed-upon Pilot School Contract LEARNING LINKS PUBLISHERS will provide to the school the following curriculum materials at no financial cost for one class of students - for any two consecutive grades 9-12 (for two school years) or for college grades 13 and 14 (for one or two school years). Such materials will include:

  • 1 96 page Read Thru The Word TEACHER HANDBOOK, 2nd edition
  • 1 400+ page Read Thru The Word LESSON PLAN BOOK with day-by-day plans
  • 1 380 page Read Thru The Word TEACHER QUIZ & TEST KEY
  • up to 30 copies of the 380 page Read Thru The Word STUDENT QUIZ & TEST BOOK

THE MATERIALS are available in the following three editions: NIV 170, KJV 170, KJV 136. (The numbers refer to the number of lessons planned per school year, with the 136 plan being for a 4-day-per week Bible class during a 170-180 day school year.) The TEACHER HANDBOOK is applicable for all three editions. All materials for Year 1 and Year 2 are now in print and ready for order fulfilment within about ten days of completing a Pilot School Contract.

ON-SITE TRAINING: Should the school be located within acceptable driving distance from the current residence of the author, he will provide whatever reasonable on-site training might be requested by the teacher implementing the curriculum. Alternatively, training could be accomplished via Skype, if feasible.

What this author and publisher is asking in return for this gift to the school:

1. The prospective Pilot School will read and discuss the concepts discussed here.

2. The Pilot School will carry out the terms of the Pilot School Contract as revised, by mutual discussion and agreement.

3. The Pilot School will issue a donation receipt to LEARNING LINKS PUBLISHERS immediately following the actual receipt of the materials showing the publisher cost (not retail value) of the materials received.

Monday June 01, 2020

Steps to obtaining this special offer for your school:

All those who would be teaching, supervising or coordinating the Read Thru The Word Pilot School program need to:

View the 11-minute Basic Concept video on the website at ABOUT -> Why Consider RTTW -> BASIC CONCEPT VIDEO.

Next view the 32-minute FULL PRESENTATION VIDEO at the same location. In addition, the other six pages at that same location should be viewed and discussed.

This offer is available for a limited time and may be discontinued without notice. In addition, this offer is not available between July 15 and December 31. All pages on this website pertaining to the Read Thru The Word program, including all sub-topics must be read, videos reviewed, etc. prior to making application by email letter for admission to the Pilot School Program. This is not a Free Curriculum offer. The curriculum is “paid for” through the fulfilling of all aspects and obligations agreed to under the signed contract. Thus, we cannot reach such agreement in haste. We appreciate your understanding of these contract provisions.

Open and read carefully the 30-page sample of the Teacher Handbook, 3rd edition, at this website to gain an overall understanding of the program. Then click on the BLUE link to open and read the Pilot School Contract.

Contact us at 541-507-1225 or at to discuss and finalize the details of an agreement. Some terms of the Pilot School Contract may be negotiable.

This offer is available for a limited time and may be discontinued without notice.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Leon Stansfield, M.Ed., M.Div.
Read Thru The Word Bible Curriculum