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NEW EDITIONS COMING for Read Thru The Word. Complete revisions and thorough editing of the Teacher Lesson Plans, Student Quiz & Test Books, Teacher Quiz & Test Keys, and Teacher Handbook.

Read Thru The Word Bible Curriculum!

Athens Christian Preparatory Academy, Athens, Texas, recently completed its first two year cycle using Read Thru The Word Bible Curriculum for students in grades 7-12. They loved it! We spent some time on the ACPA campus and found that RTTW was confirmed an overwhelming success by staff, parents, and students. They are excited to continue using RTTW as their main Bible curriculum. Check out the videos below to see what teachers, parents, and students are saying about Read Thru The Word.

Christian School, Home School and Christian College Bible Curriculum

Bible Curriculum Grades 7-14

Over ten years in the making, this Bible curriculum offers students and teachers a different approach to the study of the Bible. Students in any two consecutive grades 7-12 or college level actually read through the Bible cover-to-cover in two school years. They do this during class time. There is minimal, but meaningful homework on rare occasions. Read Thru The Word is a chronological, cover-to-cover, book-by-book, non-topical survey of the entire Old and New Testaments. It is based upon a simple premise:

At the earliest possible time after students have learned to read, when their ability to comprehend the literal sense of the narrative of the Holy Scriptures has developed somewhat, and before teaching specific doctrines or Bible books in depth, they should be exposed to and challenged by the entire Word of God from Genesis through Revelation.

Read Thru The Word is designed to be used as . . .

  • junior high Bible curriculum
  • high school Bible curriculum
  • homeschool Bible curriculum, and
  • college level Bible curriculum.

It can be adapted for each of these levels, producing significant gains in Bible knowledge.

Key Objectives for Students

  1. Gain an overall familiarity with the entire Bible

  2. Lay the foundation to know and understand the Gospel, and experience personal salvation

  3. Form a framework for understanding the great themes of both Old and New Testaments

  4. Build upon the faith of the born again student the essential knowledge which every believer should be given early in his or her Christian walk

  5. Read through the entire Bible during grades 7 and 8 - or any two succeeding grade levels

  6. Leap victoriously over a high hurdle at a time in life when the student has the time and needs the exposure to the entire Word of God.