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An Overview of the Course Essentials in Three Editions

Read Thru The Word is designed to be used as . . .

  • junior high Bible curriculum
  • high school Bible curriculum
  • homeschool Bible curriculum, and
  • college level Bible curriculum.

It can be adapted for each of these levels, producing significant gains in Bible knowledge.

Three editions of the curriculum are available: NIV170, KJV170, and KJV136, with the numbers referring to the number of lessons planned for a 180 day school year. The KJV136 is designed for schools which teach Bible four days per week and have chapel on the fifth day. While the KJV editions are specifically designed for use with the King James Version, the NIV edition is designed for use with not only the NIV but also numerous other Bible translations now in use in the Christian schools.

The RTTW Teacher Handbook contains ninety-six pages of guidelines, suggestions, charts, form letters, student and parent surveys, and other helpful ideas written during the production of the materials, providing the teacher with superior support to implement this curriculum in a classroom. This booklet is applicable to all three editions of the curriculum. The Handbook can be used for many years and with many different translations of the Bible.

The RTTW Teacher Lesson Plans contain detailed, carefully constructed, day-by-day lesson plans to provide plenty of information for both the new teacher and the experienced teacher. These plans provide for a structured use of every minute of class time. An in-depth knowledge of the Bible, while very helpful, is not necessary for any teacher to succeed with this curriculum. The Lesson Plan Book can be used for many years.

The RTTW Teacher Quiz and Test KEY is exactly the same as the Student Quiz & Test BOOK, except with the answers provided. A multiple-choice quiz is provided for each day's reading early during the next day's class. A true-false book test is provided on the day following the final reading for each book of the Bible. Once each quarter a Bible Books Test over the books of either the Old or New Testament is provided. In addition, once each quarter there are fill-in-the-blank Memory Verse Tests.

The RTTW Student Quiz and Test BOOK provides not only a means for teachers and parents to measure the students' comprehension of the Bible text, but also functions as a secondary text book. Questions are designed to assist both the teacher and the student to consider ideas and raise good questions which they might not otherwise discover through reading alone. Questions are written for a wide range of student abilities from seventh grade through college.

Materials shown here are for Year 1 of the 2 Year curriculum. Year 1 includes the reading and testing of Genesis through Ecclesiastes. Year 2 includes Song of Solomon through Revelation.