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One Bible and English teacher recently said these things about Read Thru The Word:

"It has been a fast, and furious, first 6 weeks of school. . . The Read Thru The Word Bible curriculum is a huge hit. The students are amazed at the amount of scripture they are encountering and the beautiful continuity that is found in reading the large segments. Of course, there are those few that think there is too much reading but that is such a minor number."

"As you stated in our early conversations, there is an amazing amount of information to work through [in the Lesson Plans] and find the appropriate balance for use. So far, we have been able to handle the balance and implement all of the memory verses, reading, quizzes and tests. The parents are loving the Family Forum, send home assignments."

"Today, we are in Leviticus, chapters 19 - 24, which is exactly on track for the calendar year. and will finish up with the test in the next two days."
(October 5, 2015)

"I have one teacher who is teaching one small group of students due to a scheduling conflict that could not be avoided. However, I determine the lesson plans and oversee implementation for that class as well. But we both agree that the entire program is easy to understand, the lay out is good and the additional tools on the flash drive are excellent."

"The one challenge, although by no means beyond handling, is that difference in wording between the King James Version and the New Living Translation. From time to time this requires me to define a word on a quiz or test, but that is a minor issue.”"

"It [Read Thru The Word Bible Curriculum] has been a true God-send for us. It is putting our students face to face with the Word of God. How could it get any better? We are proud to be a part of this great program."
(October 5, 2015)

Virgil Feinsod, Bible and English Instructor
Athens Christian Preparatory Academy
Athens, Texas

Note: This school is using the KJV136 edition of Read Thru The Word, which means that the students have Bible Class only four days per week. The average daily Bible reading in class for KJV136 is six or seven chapters (160 verses), which is the most concentrated and heaviest reading load of any of the three
RTTW editions.