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2012: Total of 9 students in year 1
Three home schools and nine students began using RTTW:
Salem, Oregon (2 students) Napa, CA (3 students) Livermore, CA (4 students)

2013: Total of 9 students in Year 2; Total of 166 students in Year 1
Three home schools (above) entered year 2 of RTTW. Three more home schools (6 students) and five Christian schools (160 students) began RTTW. The new schools are located in North Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Georgia. The new home schools are located in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Guam.

2014:* Total of 6 students in Year 2; Total of 198 students in Year 1
(160 are taking 2 years to complete Year 1; 38 are in a new PILOT SCHOOL in Texas.)
*This information is based upon our best estimates after communicating with most of the schools.

2015: Total of 75 students in Year 2; Total of 95 students in Year 1

2016: Total of 119 students in Year 2; Total of 30 students in Year 1

Now is the time for your school to be reviewing curriculum, ordering samples, and preparing for next fall's Bible classes for grades 7 through 14. It's as easy at 1 - 2 -3.
  1. Review everything you see on this website.

  2. Print out the 2-page order form. Call the publisher with questions. 541-507-1225

  3. Complete the order form and mail it with your payment to the address on the form.