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The Read Thru the Word DIFFERENCE

"Doing the same thing you have always done will get the same results. By embarking upon a new path you open the door to new and better results."

"God's Word Speaks - Students Listen!"

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The essence of Read Thru The Word is to provide for both teacher and students a completely new paradigm in Bible curriculum with results far beyond anything previously experienced. Read Thru The Word is a result of a lifetime of reading, studying and teaching the Word of God, and a lifetime of experiencing the grace of God.

There is no shortcut to knowing and applying the Bible to one's life other than reading it from cover to cover.

There is no better time to begin reading the Bible cover to cover than when a student reaches grade seven.

The history of early America shows that our godly founders insisted that the Bible be the primary and central textbook in schools, and that the ability to read the Bible was the primary goal of all early American education. Read Thru The Word restores the Bible to its proper place as the textbook for Bible classes.

Read Thru The Word in two editions (NIV-170 and KJV-170) is designed to work with essentially any Bible translation, and to be implemented by the beginner or veteran Bible teacher.

Read Thru The Word Distinctives:

  • The Bible is the primary textbook.
  • The Quiz & Test BOOK is the secondary textbook.
  • Students spend half of each class period reading the Bible.
  • Students read the entire Bible during two school years.
  • College students read the entire Bible during one year.
  • The focus is upon literal understanding of the Bible text.
  • The only agenda is that students will read the Bible and gain an understanding of the great themes of the Bible.
  • Program support is available.
  • The Teacher Handbook provides essential orientation.
  • Prices are set at very competitive rates.