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1. Could I buy just one copy of the Student Quiz & Test BOOK, and then make copies, rather than buying one for each student.

NO. The Student Quiz & Test BOOKS cost $15 or $16 at present. At this price you are paying

Year 1: $15.00 for 384 pp (192 sheets) printed back to back = $0.039 (3.9 cents) per page.

Year 2: $16.00 for 480 pp (240 sheets) printed back to back = $0.0333 (3.3 cents) per page.

This is, by far, a much better price than you could obtain at anywhere. In addition, each book is fully bound, with a full color cover, until you are ready to use it, at which time you will probably take it to FedExOffice (or whoever does the printing for your school) and have the spine cut off for a few cents, to make it easier to use.

2. What is the simplest way to use and store the Student Quiz & Test BOOKS?

The best solution which we have come up with is to build or purchase a slot shelf often used in offices for staff mailboxes. It may be made of wood, fiberboard, or metal. It must contain at least as many slots as students and preferably a few more. Then the Student Quiz & Test BOOKS are taken to a local print shop and the entire spine is cut off of each book, separating all the pages. They are carefully returned to the school, and the front and back pages paper-clipped together to give to each student on the first day. The pages are carefully placed in each slot of the shelf unit. Each day the pages needed for that day are pulled from each slot, stapled, and criss- cross stacked ready for distribution early in the period for use as prescribed in the day-by-day lesson plan.

We do not recommend simply passing out the Student Quiz & Test BOOKS each day for the appropriate Quiz or Test. The books would soon be very worn and perhaps even unuseable. They would also be a challenge for any teacher just to handle them during the correction or checking and grading process.

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