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Why Consider RTTW

A brief comparison of the three categories of currently available bible curriculum grades 7-12

Essentially all Bible curricula currently on the market for junior-senior high school are one of two types: TOPICAL, such as a study of the Fruit of the Spirit, or BOOK, such as The Gospel of John. These studies, while profitable for students, focus narrowly upon approximately two percent (2%) of the entire Bible. Read Thru The Word is a new kind of Bible study for junior-senior high and college students. Students actually read the entire Bible, in class, during just two school years! Because Christian schools are built upon the Word of God grade 7 is the time to begin to expose our students to the entire Word of God.

Junior-Senior High: Read Thru The Word can be used in ANY TWO SEQUENTIAL GRADES 7 and above., or for the greatest possible Bible exposure use Read Thru The Word . . .

in grades 7 and 8 with the NIV or other preferred version.

in grades 9 and 10 in New Living Translation or another modern version.

in grades 11 and 12 in the classic and incomparable King James Version

This triple exposure will give our students the best possible background in Bible by the time of graduation.

Christian College: For students beginning Christian college, this course, completed in either one or two years, will greatly advance students' essential Bible knowledge as the basis for the more in-depth studies in individual books of the Bible, topical studies, doctrinal studies, Greek and Hebrew, and all courses assigned in preparation for ministry. (The entire two year course --- Genesis through Revelation --- may be completed in one school year if a significant portion of the actual reading is conducted outside of class, or if two classes are held daily (a.m. & p.m.) using either the four-days per week plan or the five-days-per-week plan.

No matter what curriculum your students are currently using, please ask yourself this question: "Exactly how much of the complete Word of God are our students becoming familiar with by the time they graduate from our school or college?"